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AngularJs program to repeat html element with each array of objects
AngularJs program to check email is valid or not
Array in PHP
Calendar in PHP
Cookies in PHP
PHP Date and Time
For loop in PHP
Function in PHP
Global function in PHP
POST method in PHP
GET method in PHP
Server in PHP
Session in PHP
Array sorting in PHP
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String in PHP
While loop in PHP
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Reading a file using PHP
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Connecting to MySQL Database Server
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First 15 prime numbers in PHP
Sum of Digits
Table of Number
Create Table Using PHP in Mysql
PHP Select Data From MySQL
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PHP Select Data From MySQL using where
File Upload in PHP
Form Designing in PHP
AJAX and PHP Example
Array operator: Union
Array operator : Equality
Array operator : Inequality
Array operator : Non-identity
Function with default argument value
Function with one argument
Function with two arguments
Indexed arrays
count() – Return the length of an array
Loop through an indexed array
Associative arrays
Loop through an associative array
Sort array in ascending alphabetical order-Sort()
Sort array in descending alphabetical order-rsort()
Sort array in ascending numerical order
Sort array in descending numerical order
Sort array in ascending order, according to value-asort()
Sort array in ascending order, according to key-ksort()
Sort array in descending order, according to value-arsort()
Sort array in descending order, according to key-krsort()
Output elements from a multidimensional array
Loop through a multidimensional array
Automatically update the copyright year on your website
Format today’s date in several ways
PHP Date and Time
PHP Include Files
Use readfile() to read a file and write it to the output buffer
Comparison operators
Logical operators
String operators
Increment operator
AngularJs program to bind textbox
AngularJs program to reset the original value back to the input field
AngularJs program to add own directive
AngularJs program to validate Email address and its status
AngularJS program to application
AngularJs program to create dropdown list
AngularJs program to custom filter
AngularJs program to change background color of input box
AngularJs program to sort table columnwise
Coupon effect
AngularJS Program to Expressions bind to html element
AngularJs program to search element of array based on the user input
AngularJs program to sort names using array
AngularJs program to display element of array which satisfied the filter condition
AngularJs program to Initialization data using ng-init
AngularJs program to convert text into lowercase, uppercse as well as check it is string or number
AngularJs program to count number click on html element using ng-click
AngularJs program to count no of clicks on html element using function
AngularJs program to button is disabled when checkbox is checked
AngularJs program to show header when checkbox is checked
AngularJs program to reset the original value back to the input field
AngularJs program to demonstrate example of dropdown list
AngulaJs program to hides or shows an HTML element using ng-hide
AngularJs program to count number of clicks on header
AngularJs program to show or hide html element using ng-show
AngualrJs program to evaluate conditional statement using ng-show
AngularJs program to Change Background color of input field using CSS
AngularJs program to Check input field is empty or not
AngularJs program to convert temperature from centigrade to fahrenheit
AngularJs program to demonstrate radio button using ng-switch-when
AngularJs program to show html element whenever user clicks on button
AngularJs program to convert text to uppercase letter using uppercase filte
AngularJs program to check valid email address using $error object
Creating a simple drop down menu using CSS3
AngularJs program to demonstrate example of $rootscope object
Gloss effect using CSS3
OnClick Event in Java Script
Confirmation Dialog Box
Calculation in Java Script
JavaScript Array for Different Data Types Example
Javascript Code to Demonstrate Data Types
Nav menu using HTML5 and CSS3
onmouseover and onmouseout Event
JavaScript- Returns current date and time
Image Map Using JavaScript
Prompt Dialog Box
How TO - Toggle Hide and Show
jQuery addClass() Method
jQuery append() Method
jQuery stop() method
jQuery slideDown() Method
Array Sort - JavaScript
AngularJS application
Input Filter in CSS3
Column gap,style and count properties in CSS3
Outlines in CSS3
Border-radious property in css3
Box-Shadow Property in CSS3
Buttons in css3
Dropdown using Bootstrap
Buttons with dropdown
Emphasis tags used in bootstrap
Lables using bootstrap
Adding images using bootstrap
Tables with its types
Lists using bootstrap
Add Column in container -Grid system